Oral Health Services in Eagan, Minnesota

When it comes to your family's oral health, you cannot go wrong with Eagan dentists, Dr. Skare and Dr. Kangas, who are both expertly trained and highly experienced in family dentistry. You can be sure that each member of your family will be receiving quality dental care.

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentists address many types of oral health issues at every stage of the patient's life. The issues addressed by family dentists range from a child's first dental visit, to regular dental cleanings, to tooth extractions. The variety of treatments are highly diverse since the teeth of young children have very different needs from those of adults. Family dentistry is, therefore, given much credit for providing comprehensive oral care in all the different age groups of a family, from baby teeth to permanent adult teeth.
Happy Family Smiling — Family Dentist in Eagan, MN
Eagan Family dentist, Dr. Skare, places an emphasis on hygiene to maintain the health of each family member's teeth. Family dentists believe in establishing good oral habits early on, so they pay close attention to the unique oral needs of children. However, equally meticulous care is given to adult teeth because these tend to get damaged over time as well. Eagan Family dentistry focuses mainly on the administration of fluoride treatments, regular dental cleanings, the identification of cavities and subsequently filling them, orthodontics, and treating gum diseases.

What if my child is nervous about going to the dentist?

Additionally, because family dentistry deals with understanding and caring for children's oral health, it is important that your family dentist recognizes the importance of creating a comfortable environment for your children. A gentle and friendly approach is ideal so that children have a positive association with routine dental checkups. Over time, these checkups will become increasingly important, not only for the children of the family, but for adults members as well, especially for maintaining good oral health along the way.

Why should I choose a family dentist?

Family dentistry has become an integral part of identifying and resolving dental problems at the source, before these conditions get too severe. It is also able to provide patients with proper instructions for brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing to be able to progressively improve your oral hygiene habits and overall dental health.