Emergency Dental Care in Eagan, MN

When you unexpectedly experience a dental emergency, you’ll want to know that you already have a trusted emergency dentist who you can turn to for help. 

At Wood Park Dental, we offer same-day emergency dental appointments in Eagan, MN. No matter when, where, or how your dental emergency strikes, you can rest assured that our caring and gentle dental team will be there to get you out of pain and repair your damaged smile. Call us at (952) 431-5088 whenever you need emergency dentistry!

Enlarged tooth with stethoscopeEmergency Dental Care When You Need it Most 

Dental emergencies can be scary, and they’ll usually catch you very off guard. No matter what type of injury you sustain, the best way to handle a dental emergency is to call your dentist and schedule professional help right away. You should never try to repair the damage yourself or use at-home DIY tooth-saving methods.

Our Eagan emergency dentists know how to treat your dental emergencies carefully and in a safe, sterile environment, which gives your tooth the best chance at making a full recovery from its injuries. We offer same-day emergency dental care and will see you after-hours if your emergency happens while we’re typically closed in the evenings or on the weekend. 

We understand that dental emergencies can be painful and even bloody or frightening to look at, so our focus when you walk through our doors is to help you relax and to get you out of pain. Some dental emergencies in Eagan just can’t wait, so we’ll ask you to see us right away so we can get you back on the path to oral health. 

Treatment for Dental Emergencies 

Dental emergencies take many different forms. Your emergency may involve a facial trauma that happened during a sports scrimmage or an internal toothache that’s been building for many weeks. Whatever the source of your tooth pain, we can treat your damaged teeth and repair your smile using a variety of dental procedures. 

At Wood Park Dental, common dental emergencies we treat include:

  • A broken tooth
  • A broken jaw
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Bleeding teeth
  • Dental infections or abscesses Woman with Tooth Pain from dental emergency in Eagan MN
  • Severe breaks or damage to dental restorations
  • Cracked teeth
  • Tooth chips or fractures 
  • Painful teeth

Depending on the type of dental injury, we may recommend one or more treatments to you. Our dentists treat dental emergencies in Eagan using techniques including:

  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Root canals
  • Dental fillings
  • Replacement tooth crowns or other restorations 
  • Porcelain veneers 
  • Dental implants 

We will always recommend the treatment or treatments we believe will benefit you the most. When you come in for your emergency dental appointment, we will focus on getting you out of pain and then walking through our proposed treatment plan with you. You can always ask questions about your care or select alternative treatment options if you feel better about a different approach.

Contact Our Emergency Dentist at Wood Park Dental Anytime!

If you have a damaged or broken tooth, you need emergency dental treatment right away. 

When you go through a dental emergency near Eagan, MN, don’t wait to call our emergency dentist at (952) 431-5088. We’ll provide the emergency dental care you need and get you back to normal life in no time.