Sedation Dentistry in Eagan, MN

Welcome to Wood Park Dental, where our goal is to offer the very best in general and cosmetic dental services in Eagan, MN. We pride ourselves on providing excellent care to our patients in an atmosphere where they can feel safe, in-control, and welcome. Our modern dental office is the perfect place to receive gentle dentistry.

While we strive to make every patient feel at home and comfortable while they’re with us, we understand that not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. We know that for many people, visiting their dentist can feel stressful, overwhelming, and even frightening. 

If you’re overly anxious about the thought of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Whether your fear is due to a traumatic experience you had at the dentist when you were younger or is simply the result of a lifetime of poor oral hygiene habits, we recognize that this phobia can negatively impact your oral health if it stops you from getting the dental treatment you need. 

Because we want you to have the very best version of your smile, we want to do our part to make going to the dentist easier for you. At Wood Park Dental, we offer sedation dentistry as a way for you to feel calmer and set aside your nerves. Sedation dentistry helps many of our patients get their routine dental care without having to experience crippling anxiety or overwhelming fear. 

To learn more about sedation dentistry in Eagan, we invite you to read the information below or to contact our dental office today by calling (952) 431-5088

Relieve Dental Anxiety at Wood Park Dental 
Woman at dentist covering her mouth from dental anxiety

Unfortunately, many people are afraid of the dentist. Dental offices get a bad reputation, even though dentists’ primary objective is to help you keep your smile healthy and protect it from harm.

If you’ve had a negative experience with a dentist in the past, it can be even harder to put aside those memories and convince yourself to walk through the doors of your dental office. 

Dental fear is dangerous because it perpetuates a cycle: one bad dental appointment or scary dentist prompts you to avoid future dental care, which in turn causes you to develop additional oral health problems. You put off getting treatment for these problems out of fear, which means the problems get worse and worse. By the time you do visit your dentist for treatment, you need a significant amount of dental work done—which makes you feel traumatized all over again. You then vow that you’re never going back to the dentist. 

This destructive cycle of fear poses a real threat to millions of people, and it’s the reason that so many otherwise-healthy adults struggle with gum disease and dental decay. 

Because we understand that preventive dental appointments are the key to maintaining a healthy mouth for life, we offer a solution for our patients who are dealing with these overwhelming dental fears. By providing sedation dentistry in Eagan, MN, we hope that people who would otherwise never come to the dentist for their six-month teeth cleanings and exams can now do so in a low-stress, routine way. 

We offer a solution for coping with your fear of the dentist. You have the choice of oral sedation in the form of a prescription medication or nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas.” To schedule a sedation consultation with our dentists, please call us today at (952) 431-5088

Discover a New Way to Experience Going to the Dentist

If you’ve only ever known dental appointments filled with fear and dread, our sedation dental options in Eagan can change your entire world. 

After a lifetime plagued by severe dental anxiety, it might be hard to imagine one where going to the dentist is nothing more than a routine errand. Once you experience a dental visit or two with a little help from sedation dentistry, however, you’ll begin to see how the dentist is nothing to be afraid of.

Patient in chair at sedation dentist in Eagan MNAt Wood Park Dental, we offer two different types of sedation dentistry: oral sedation and nitrous oxide. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, which is commonly known in the dental world as “laughing gas,” is a colorless and odorless gas that your dentist can administer through a face mask. 

Laughing gas does not put you to sleep during a dental exam or procedure, but it does help both your body and your mind relax. Once you put on the nitrous mask, you will begin to feel calm and dream-like almost instantly. Laughing gas has the power to make you feel euphoric and for your dental treatment to feel very “far away.” You will still be conscious and able to respond to your Eagan dentists throughout treatment, but you’ll feel safe and relaxed the entire time.

Nitrous oxide is typically the sedation method of choice for anxious children who are nervous about an upcoming dental procedure. Laughing gas is entirely safe for your child, and the effects will wear off momentarily after they remove their mask. 

Oral (Pill) Sedation

Your other choice for sedation dentistry is oral sedation, which you take in the form of a prescription pill. Your dentist will prescribe a medication that you can take shortly before coming to our dental office. Because oral sedation will make you groggy, you’ll need someone else to drive you to and from your dental appointment. 

Oral sedation is a good choice if you want a sedation method that is a little stronger than laughing gas. The exact strength of your sedation will depend on the dose of the pill you take, but, in general, these pills are strong enough to make you feel very sleepy and relaxed without actually falling asleep. 

You can expect to feel light and a little “out of it” during your treatment, which benefits you as you will not focus on the sights or sounds of your dental appointment. 

Safe and Reliable Sedation Dentistry 

Young dental patient smiling at Children's Dentist in Eagan MNWhen you visit our dental office, you can rest assured that our treatment methods are entirely safe and approved by the ADA. Sedation dentistry is a popular, effective way of dealing with dental anxiety and helping patients get the preventive and restorative care they need. 

For the majority of people, dental sedation has very mild and temporary side effects. With laughing gas, it’s normal to feel a tingling sensation throughout your body and even a sense of heaviness in your arms and legs. Because nitrous oxide stops working immediately after you remove your face mask, you can expect the effects to wear off within minutes. Don’t panic if you feel minor sensations of lightheadedness, headaches, or nausea, as these are common and should disappear quickly. 

The effects of oral sedation will last longer, so you should plan to take the rest of the day off from work or school. After your friend or family member drives you home from your appointment, it’s normal to feel groggy, tired, and confused for several hours after. We typically recommend our patients take a nice, long nap after their treatment while the effects of their medication wears off, and they return to normal. 

We can happily recommend dental sedation to most of our patients. Some medical conditions or health factors, however, may make it dangerous or risky to receive sedation dentistry before a procedure. Our dentists are happy to discuss whether sedation is the right choice in your case.

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Whether you need root canal therapy or are simply behind on your routine teeth cleanings, it’s time to stop living in fear of the dentist. With sedation dentistry, you can get all the treatment you need without having to worry ever again.

If you’re ready to transform your dental experiences and discover a life free from debilitating dental anxiety, contact our Eagan dentist office today at (952) 431-5088 to get started!