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What is sedation dentistry like?

Patient with dental anxiety covering her mouth near Eagan MNHave you ever needed dental treatment, such as a root canal or cavity filling, but felt too anxious to go to the dentist and get the work done? If so, you could benefit from sedation dentistry in Eagan, MN

“Sedation dentistry” is our way of saying that we offer medical options to make your trips to the dentist easier. Our sedation dentistry helps you relax and feel calm during your dental procedures so you can get the treatment you need without having to worry about your fears getting in the way. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Eagan, MN 

When you visit us at Wood Park Dental, you can choose between two different types of sedation dentistry: oral sedation via a pill, or nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is the type of sedation dentistry most people are more familiar with. Laughing gas is odorless and colorless, and our sedation dentist in Eagan, MN administers it right before your dental procedure. The gas helps you feel light and relaxed, and it brings a sense of euphoria and even tingling to your body.

Oral sedation involves you taking a prescription pill that helps you feel sleepy, groggy, and peaceful so you can sit through your dental treatment without any problems.

Neither version of our sedation dentistry will put you fully to sleep. Still, both will help you feel mentally far away from anything that’s happening in the dental chair so that you can avoid needless anxiety and worry. While the effects of laughing gas wear off immediately, oral sedatives will stay in your system for several hours—which means you’ll need a ride home from the dentist, and you should take the rest of the day off.

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