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3 Advantages of KöR Teeth Whitening

March 17, 2021
Posted By: Wood Park Dental
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Beautiful, white teeth can boost your confidence, making you more likely to share your smile everywhere you go. We love to see our patients in Eagan, MN share their smiles, and we love helping them make their smiles brighter with KöR teeth whitening. 

KöR teeth whitening can help you achieve a brighter smile even if your teeth are stained or discolored. It is an incredibly effective teeth whitening solution, which is why Dr. Jon Skare, our skilled dentist, loves using KöR to create whiter teeth. 

Below we’ve listed three major advantages of KöR teeth whitening treatment:

1. KöR Works Where Other Solutions Won’t

For some patients with deep tooth discoloration, KöR is the only teeth whitening treatment that will work. It is an excellent choice for removing difficult stains, and it is sometimes the only option that will provide results!

2. KöR Is a Potent Solution

KöR provides fantastic results because it’s more potent than other teeth whitening solutions. KöR is refrigerated until it’s time to apply it to your teeth, which means its ingredients don’t lose potency between the manufacturing process and the application. Other teeth whitening solutions are not refrigerated and are therefore less potent.

3. KöR Teeth Whitening Results Last

With KöR teeth whitening, you will enjoy beautiful, consistent results that last. With excellent oral hygiene and regular at-home touchups after your initial KöR treatments, your new, whiter smile won’t fade, and your teeth with be permanently whiter.

KöR’s customized whitening trays will fit your teeth perfectly, which makes the whitening treatments more comfortable for you and improves the results. KöR teeth whitening is a fast, non-invasive way to improve your smile quickly, and for that reason, it’s very popular among our patients. 

Schedule KöR Teeth Whitening Treatment in Eagan, MN!

If you’re interested in using KöR teeth whitening to create a more attractive smile, contact our Eagan dental office today at (952) 431-5088 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Skare. We would love to examine your dental situation to let you know if KöR is a good choice for you. 

At Wood Park Dental, Dr. Skare helps patients achieve the brighter smiles they’ve always wanted with KöR teeth whitening all the time, and he would love to help you. 

If you have any questions about KöR or other cosmetic procedures, please reach out to us. We love helping our patients understand procedures and dental care options so they can enjoy excellent oral health!

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