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Three Benefits of Dentures

June 2, 2020
Posted By: Wood Park Dental
Model of full dentures in Eagan MN

If you don’t have any missing teeth, you’ve probably never given much thought to dentures in Eagan, MN before.

While many people once considered dentures to be a dental choice only for older adults, dentures continue to grow in popularity because of their affordability and customizability.

Even if you’re not missing any of your natural teeth, it’s helpful to know a thing or two about dentures in case anyone in your life needs a dental restoration or if you ever need to replace missing teeth down the road. Below, we highlight three advantages of dentures and how they can help your smile:

#1 Dentures Come in Different Styles

Tooth loss doesn’t happen the same way to every person, which is why dentures are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Eagan dentures are available in both full and partial styles, and we also offer implant-supported dentures if you’re looking for an option with a little more stability. 

#2 Dentures Are Affordable 

If you need a dental restoration on a budget or have concerns about what dental insurance will cover, full or partial dentures may be the best choice for you. 

Dentures tend to be less expensive than their competitors, dental implants, which is attractive to patients who want to spend less money to replace missing teeth in the 55122 area. And unlike dental implants, you don’t need oral surgery to place dentures, which means less recovery time for your mouth. 

#3 Modern Dentures Look Like Real Teeth

Dentures have come a long way since the days where they were one generic row of plastic-looking teeth and gums. Dentists in Eagan, MN make today’s dentures out of attractive, durable materials that allow them to mimic the shape and color of your natural teeth and gums. 

Dentures in 2020 look vastly different from the dentures of the past, and they’ll blend in much more convincingly than you might believe. 

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