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Comfortable Healing After Your Tooth Extraction

April 11, 2022
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Having a tooth removed doesn't have to be overwhelming or stressful when you know how to take care of yourself afterward. Today, your team at Wood Park Dental will share the normal healing process after a tooth extraction, what you can expect, and steps you can take at home to ensure a smooth and comfortable healing process.

What to Expect After Your Tooth Extraction in Eagan

After having your tooth pulled, it is normal to experience some bleeding until your extraction site forms a blood clot. It's essential to keep that blood clot in place over the next week or two to allow your site to heal properly. Warm salt water rinses can be soothing after your extraction site stops bleeding. However, if you experience excessive bleeding after your surgery that won't stop, you should contact our team as soon as possible.

You may also experience some swelling around the extraction area that you can manage with ice on and off in 20-minute intervals. You will also be able to manage any pain in the first few days with over-the-counter or prescription medicine.

How You Can Ensure a Comfortable Healing Process

You can do some things to ensure that your healing process goes smoothly. Here are some steps you can take at home to stay comfortable after your surgery:

  • Stick to soft foods for the first few days after surgery. After that, focus on foods like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, bananas, applesauce, or soups at room temperature for your comfort. Avoid spicy, hard, or crunchy foods for a week or two. 
  • Do not drink from a straw or smoke cigarettes for at least 48 hours after surgery because sucking can dislodge your blood clot and delay healing.
  • Avoid taking aspirin as it's a blood thinner and can prevent the clotting needed to heal. Ibuprofen or medication prescribed by your dentist are better options for managing pain.
  • Get plenty of rest. Plan to take a couple of days off right after surgery and refrain from exercising or extreme physical activity for the first 72 hours.

If you have questions or concerns after your tooth removal, don't hesitate to contact your Eagan dentist at (952) 431-5088.

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