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Same Day Crowns: Saving Time Without Sacrificing Quality

December 9, 2019
Posted By: Wood Park Dental
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Have you heard about same-day crowns? Do you wonder how it’s possible to take what used to be a two-week, two-visit process and streamline it down to one dental appointment?

Same-day dental crowns in Eagan, MN give patients a way to walk in with a damaged, decayed, or broken tooth and walk out the same day with a beautiful, durable dental crown in place. 

Are Same-Day Crowns Just as Strong as Other Dental Crowns?

Dentists consider same-day crowns to be as durable as traditional ceramic crowns. If you grind your teeth excessively, however, a lab-fabricated crown made of a stronger material like gold may be a better choice to provide adequate protection for your tooth.

Do All Same-Day Crowns Take Just One Day to Complete?

Yes. That’s the beauty of same-day crowns! Once you and your dentist determine that you need a dental crown, the process is straightforward. Instead of uncomfortable impressions of your teeth taken in the past, your same-day crowns dentist uses digital impressions.

Using 3-D imaging technology, your dentist plans and designs your new crown virtually with CAD/CAM software. The details and specifications are sent to a milling machine located on-site that works like a 3-D printer to mill your new same-day crown from a block of tooth-colored ceramic.

The entire process for creating same-day dental crowns in Eagan, MN takes about two hours.

Does "Same Day" Include the Day of My Initial Dental Work or Root Canal?

If your dentist performs a root canal, they will place a temporary filling on the tooth and allow it to heal for about two weeks. At that point, you would be scheduled for a separate appointment for your CEREC same-day crown. 

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