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Can Dental Crowns Be Done the Same Day?

November 18, 2022
Posted By: Dr. TuAnh Le

Wood Park Dental is pleased to offer same-day dental crowns and restorations using CEREC technology. If you have a decayed or damaged tooth and don’t want to wait weeks for your final restoration, CEREC same-day dental crowns may be your perfect solution. 

What Is a CEREC Same-Day Crown?

Traditional crowns require design and fabrication by a laboratory and take two visits or return appointments. However, CEREC technology streamlines this process so patients can restore their smile with attractive, customized crowns in a single dental visit. 

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, we create attractive and durable restorations during a single appointment without sending measurements and models to an off-site lab. Instead, we make the restorations and produce them using our dental office’s on-site milling machine. 

What’s the Process for Same-Day Crowns?

Your Eagan dentist digitally scans your teeth and designs your dental crowns using CAD/CAM software, which produces a virtual 3-D model of your teeth. We then send the specifications to our milling machine, which works much like a 3-D printer. You can even watch while we craft your crown!

The level of accuracy and comfort is unmatched, not to mention same-day crowns are highly realistic in appearance. The entire process only takes a couple of hours from start to finish, so that you can enjoy your new grin almost immediately! 

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day restorations are gaining popularity in dentistry because of their effectiveness and convenience. Traditional crowns require an outside dental lab to complete, which can take weeks. But now, dentists like Dr. Le can design, manufacture, and place crowns in a single visit to our dental office. 

Some benefits of single-visit dental crowns are:

#1 Easy and Convenient 

CEREC same-day crowns are easy and convenient for patients who don’t want to wait for traditional crowns. 

#2 Natural Look and Feel 

Because they’re ceramic, CEREC dental restorations in Eagan look and feel just like natural teeth and blend in with your smile. 

#3 No Need for Multiple Appointments 

Unlike traditional crowns, same-day crowns don’t require multiple return visits for fittings, adjustments, and placement. 

Same-Day Dental Crowns Near Me 

Dr. Le and our team at Wood Park Dental understand your time is valuable, and your schedule may be filled to the brim with to-dos. That’s why we invest in advanced technology that streamlines treatments without compromising comfort or precision. 

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