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Dental Implants vs Dentures

October 5, 2021
Posted By: Wood Park Dental Team
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Dental implants and dentures are each a solution designed to address one problem: missing teeth. While we marvel at the durability and strength of a healthy tooth, unfortunately, teeth are not unbreakable.

Damage and decay, or a combination of both, conspire to knock out your permanent teeth, and your dentists at Wood Park Dental in Eagan, MN, is here to help restore them.

What's the Big Deal about Missing Teeth?

Losing a tooth may feel like a minor thing. Maybe it leaves a gap in your smile, or perhaps it's further back where the space impacts chewing. But actually, that gap is a problem for your surrounding teeth. This is because the force and pressure around chewing can cause movement among your teeth, tilting them towards the opening.

A healthy tooth root also helps vitalize bone growth in your jaw. If that root goes missing, as happens when that tooth is lost, your bone has the potential to no longer grow but instead deteriorate, leading to bone loss.

For these reasons, Drs. Jon Skare, Marcia Kangas and our team will advocate for a dental restoration that best fits your situation.

Restorative Dentistry at Wood Park Dental

When considering missing teeth, two factors influence the best restoration choice. First, is it a missing tooth or teeth? Second, in what part of your mouth are those teeth located?

A missing tooth alone is a good sign as its absence has not caused its neighbors to fall out, but that process could already be in progress. Therefore, the ideal restoration for any single missing tooth is a dental implant.

The implant screw is located in your jawbone to simulate what a natural tooth root does, stimulating your bone to regenerate. The implant crown, which sits on top of the screw, fills in the gap and supports the surrounding teeth, aids in proper chewing, and looks just like a natural tooth. The implant does it all.

For Missing Teeth in One Area

If a missing tooth becomes missing teeth, then we'd expect to need a restoration that replaces a partial row. In this circumstance, full or partial dentures are the preferred restoration. Dentures are custom-designed for your mouth and are available in many configurations depending on your missing tooth configuration.

Implants and Dentures May Work Together

Dr. Skare can offer you an option that uses the best aspects of both dentures and implants. In this procedure, we position several implants with a special attachment instead of a restoration crown. Then your denture is fitted with similar attachments so that we can physically clip the appliance into your mouth.

Most patients agree that implant-supported dentures offer excellent stability and comfort, along with a permanent foundation for future restorations as dental technology progresses.

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