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Should I ask my dentist for sedation?

Sedation dentistry in Eagan, MN is an excellent way to get the dental treatments you need in a stress-free environment.

At Wood Park Dental, we understand that some patients feel anxious at the dentist. In severe cases—such as dental anxiety—people even stop going to the dentist altogether. Our goal is to change this approach by making dental care a relaxing experience for everyone.

Anxiety isn’t the only reason patients choose sedation. If you need multiple treatments during a single visit, sedation dentistry may be a good idea.

Patient getting oral sedation at dentist in Eagan MNSo, if you’re feeling anxious or have multiple treatments performed, asking for sedation can help.

We offer the following sedation options at Wood Park Dental:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Sedation

Nitrous oxide is a safe gas with no lingering drowsiness. With this option, you are safe to resume your day, make decisions, and drive yourself home.

Oral sedation is a pill taken before treatment. With this option, you should rest after your appointment, not make important decisions, and rely on a friend or family member for transportation.

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Your dentist may use one or more options for your sedation, depending on your needs. To learn more or schedule your next dental appointment, contact our office at (952) 431-5088!

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