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Is teeth whitening at the dentist permanent?

If you select the best professional teeth whitening service available in Eagan, MN, then you can expect your results to be essentially permanent with routine maintenance. This may come as a surprise to those who use different whitening processes only to see the effects fade over time.

At Wood Park Dental, we use the Opalescence whitening system. This process combines take-home treatments using custom trays and uses a follow-up in-office deep bleaching treatment to offer the top-notch possible results.

The Opalescence Whitening Process

The first step is when Dr. TuAnh Le creates impressions of your teeth. This part makes a proper form from which the lab fabricates your whitening trays. Trays tailored to your mouth help ensure a tight fit to keep the whitening agent on your teeth, not your gums.

When we receive your customized trays, you'll take the trays home, along with the Opalescence whitening gel and use instructions. Then, each night for two weeks, you will wear your customized whitening trays while you sleep. 

After two weeks, you will return to the office for the deep bleaching portion of your Opalescence whitening treatment. After a process requiring 60 and 90 minutes, you'll see stunning, permanent results. 

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Both good daily oral hygiene and regular dental visits will help maintain the bright results. If you wish for a quick enhancement, you may use leftover whitening gel and customized trays overnight.

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