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Why is my tooth sensitive after I get a dental crown or filling?

When you get a dental crown or filling at Wood Park Dental in Eagan, MN, we need to remove the decayed or fractured tooth structure first. Your dentist cleans away the decay and fills the space with filling material. Depending on how deep the decay is, this process may cause trauma to the nerve that results in sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

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The hard outer layers of a healthy tooth protect the nerve from exposure. However, a deep dental filling that gets close to the nerve endings can lead to irritation and sensitivity. The nerve heals over several days or weeks, and as it does, the sensitivity should go away. In fact, once the nerve heals, you shouldn’t notice any difference between a filled or crowned tooth and your other teeth.

In some cases, tooth sensitivity after dental work may be related to your dental bite. After your dentist places a crown or filling on a tooth, he checks to make sure you’re biting down evenly on both sides. It’s also common to experience some sensitivity when you bite down on new dental work, but this should correct itself within a few weeks.

Some sensitivity is normal and should resolve itself. But if you’re experiencing severe sensitivity or have other concerns, call our Eagan, MN dental office and let us know what’s going on. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable, and the solution may be as easy as smoothing out a high spot on your dental restoration.

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