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Can you whiten dental restorations?

Happy couple smiling outside near Eagan MNDental restorations like porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dentures provide patients with many benefits and help them create beautiful, seamless smiles. In many ways, these dental restorations are just like natural teeth to our patients. However, it is important to remember that they’re not actually natural teeth, and they will respond differently to dental treatments, like teeth whitening services.

Traditional teeth whitening solutions will not whiten your dental restorations. They may actually stain some dental prosthetics, so you should not attempt to use whitening products with restorative materials in your mouth. Additionally, if you try to whiten your teeth and the solution works on your natural teeth but not your restorations, you will end up with a mismatched smile.

How Do I Create a Bright Smile Then?

Our dentists in Eagan, MN recommend that you pursue teeth whitening treatment before your dentist places your restorations in your mouth. 

Restorations made with porcelain, like veneers, are not porous, meaning they don’t change color or stain easily. Since we can shade veneers to match their other teeth perfectly, we encourage patients to undergo a teeth whitening treatment before making their custom veneers. If you go ahead and whiten your teeth before the veneers are placed, we can shade them to match your bright smile, creating your ideal look.

What Are My Options for a Whiter Smile after Restorations?

If you already have restorations in your smile and want to make your smile whiter, you should contact our dental office and schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning. Our skilled team of dental professionals can clean your teeth thoroughly, which may improve their appearance. If the stains aren’t removed with professional dental cleaning, your dental restorations may need replacement so that they match the rest of your smile. For dentures and some other restorations, it’s possible that you could return them to a shinier, brighter appearance with a professional denture cleaning and polish. 

The approach to brightening your restoration will depend on the specific type of prosthetic and the condition of your prosthetic. We recommend that you consult your dentist before taking any action toward a whiter smile. 

How to Keep Your Dental Restorations White

The best way to keep your smile bright with dental restorations is with upkeep and care. Dedicate yourself to following a good oral hygiene routine at home and schedule regular dental cleanings at Wood Park Dental in Eagan, MN. 

Also, try to stay aware of your diet and avoid foods and drinks that may stain your teeth or restorations. Avoid consumingor at least reduce your intake of—beverages like wine and coffee. Additionally, it helps to avoid smoking, which can cause significant tooth and restoration staining.

Schedule Teeth Whitening in Eagan, MN!

At our dental office in Eagan, MN, we provide thorough dental cleanings for patients in addition to providing them with beautiful, natural-looking restorations. We are always happy to answer any questions to help you create and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile! Call our friendly dental team today to schedule your consultation.

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